• Very good injectivity due to low viscosity
  • Safe sealing due to high swelling ratio and high elasticity
  • Applicable in a wide range of temperature and at very low component temperatures
  • Easily adjustable injection paths and low consumptions due to short, variable reaction time
  • Corresponds to building material class B2 in the fire behaviour acc. to DIN 4102 in the injection medium
  • Fulfils the UBA guideline for seals in contact with drinking water
  • high chemical resistance even in highly alkaline environment
  • Waterproofing up to at least 7 bar water pressure
  • Particularly powerful due to polymer reinforcement and high solids content



  • Consolidation and sealing of fine and coarse loose soil - curtain injection
  • Extensive sealing injection between tunnel shell and sealing membranes
  • Elastic, swellable sealing of component joints (e.g. tunnel segments)
  • Sealing of cavities and imperfections in the area of the annular gap
  • Sealing of construction joints via injection hose systems
  • Injection of components with moisture content dry, moist, water-bearing during injection and with permanent at least one-sided water contact after injection
  • Elastic, swellable sealing injection into concrete components according to DIN EN 1504-5: U(S1) W (2/3/4) (1/40)
  • REACH-assessed exposure scenarios: long-term water-contact, periodical, application
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